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Skills learned: Playing patiently, rhythm and chanting Dice needed: 2Object of the game: To be the first player to win three counters. This dice game is simple and fun, which means it is popular.

Directions for play: Note: The chant is marked with / showing every two beats. Skill learned: Adding Dice needed: 5Object of the game: To get the highest score Directions for play: Players take turns rolling all five dice and scoring for three-of-a-kind or better.

Variations:”Catch Up” is a great game for groups of children as you need at least four and up to eight kids to play. Some turns end immediately and some seem to go on forever.

If you have more than eight kids, split them into groups of four to eight players. Players can only score on a roll which does not include the numbers 2 and 5.

Even though the directions make this game sound easy, unless you are good at throwing 1s, this game may be hard for to play.

The game is called “Pig” because the first player “hogs” the dice in an effort to win the game.

use our patterns for little kids or let the older kids design their own.

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Very few supplies are needed and it's totally customizable based off of imagination and age.A good game for introducing your kids to the fun of dice games, this easy-to-learn game is one that is very popular with kids. Skills learned: Number recognition, place value, and strategic thinking.Dice needed: 2 for younger players and 7 for older players Directions for play: Each player takes a turn rolling the dice and placing them in order to make the highest number possible. A child wins the round when he is still in possession of a die and receives another from the player on his right.Large families and teachers will find this game effective. Any dice, which show a 2 or a 5, become “Stuck in the mud!You will need counters or small toys for each child. ”Skills learned: Addition – mental and scoring Dice needed: 5Object of the game: To achieve the highest score Directions for play: Agree a number of rounds – five works well – and total up the score.

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For all of our dice games for kids, you will need pencil and paper for keeping score, a shaker for the dice, and a flat surface.“Knock Out” is a very simple game, using just two dice.

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